“Computers are like Old Testament gods; lost of rules and no mercy.” ~ Joseph Campbell

I have new staff come in and some of them have never used a computer, and when I tell them that they have to complete all their documentation on this machine via Therap, they go into panic mode.  Using a computer is nothing to panic about.  If you know what you need and how to get to it that is all that matters, so here is what I use when teaching someone about what a computer is.

  • A computer is a device that maipulates information.  Computers have the ability to store, retrieve and process various types of information.
  • Parts of a computer include the Central Processing Unit (CPU) or the Brain, a mouse, monitor, and keyboard
  • Operating system such as Windows XP or Window 7, tells the computer how to act
  • Internet Explorer is a program that allows access to the world wide web.  This is the program to use when accessing Therap

By giving the new employees that opportunity to “play” with the computer they get more comfortable using it and they also are more willing to work with the computer knowing that they are not going to break it.