Wow!  It has been exactly two months since I blogged!  I am REALLY losing my touch!  …or life has just been extremely busy…

I had the privilige last week of attending a seminar with Tom Pomeranz.  I have been scheduled to attend his training twice, and both times had to back out due to various reasons.  But last Monday found me in Sidney, MT attending one of his sessions.

I think the greatest thing to get from him is his little’ gem’.  Good Enough for Me!  A question we should all ask ourselves each day as we go about our duties.  The choices we help people make each day should be carefully considered as if we are making those choices for ourselves.  One thing I push my staff to do is to have the people we support participate in their Therap documenation.  We have not yet began giving people their own login and password, but we do have the people participate in charting their ISP’s and writing the T-Logs.

I also had the benefit last week to run into Candy from Glenwood out of Plentywood, MT.  She made a point of letting me know I never responded to her email from July…oops!  (told you I’ve been busy)  Next month I will enjoy getting to head to Plentywood again to help them take another step in the Therap journey!

Tomorrow morning I head to Bismarck for Part I in a Supervisory Training.  Wednesday will be on ‘Understanding Our Interpersonal Influence’, and Thursday will be covering ‘Understanding What Drives and Inspires Us’.  I will try to remember next week to blog what I’ve learned.  But the highlight of the trip….tomorrow evening I will get to enjoy supper with Therap’s own Deb Hibbard! 

Friday, I will be heading back  to Minot with a couple of the folks I support to hit up the ND Hostfest and take in the Gaither’s Friday night.

In any case…I’ll try not to take two months to blog again:-)