Hello all, it’s been awhile. Just returned from a week on Alabama’s beach with some of our resident’s and staff. Man, this is a rough job, but someone has gotta do it.

Well, summer is about to ease it’s grip on the south, good riddance from Arkansas. I have to say it has been a exciting one for Rainbow of Challenges. We are in the middle of a massive construction project in two locations for new office buildings. I am torn, so excited about getting a new office, but so dreading the move. I believe that the natural born laziness that I try so hard to suppress has gotten wind of the word “move”. We have also gotten our Therap MAR program implemented, and I must say all of the data input is so worth it when you get to the finished product. Having so much information readily available so quickly has really changed the way our medical team works. Okay, okay…I am finished with my commercial for the MAR module, but if your organization is looking at it, it is a really good thing….that’s all I’m saying.:) Looking forward to seeing everyone really soon!!!!!