So after a busy several weeks, I decided to take a vacation day from work and take my family to 6 Flags, St. Louis. My husband and two daughters and I headed out by 8am and were all in great spirits, until, 60 miles into the trip, my car stopped working! We pulled off of the highway at Warrenton, Missouri to search for help.
My first response was anger. As we went to a mechanic and they told me it would cost $400 for a new alternator and they would not be done until 5pm, I began to feel sour. I tried to stay positive and looked to rent a vehicle. This was not a viable option as there were no rental companies within a 20 mile radius. My husband used his iPhone to look up local activities. The closest thing in this town of 7,000 persons was a swimming pool. It was 1.7 miles away. So, we began to walk.
As we were walking, I began to think about how my days at my job are never typical. I am constantly problem solving for items that might go wrong. I then started to feel better that my family helped me to problem solve a potentially bad situation to turn into a good situation.
We got to the pool. It was an AWESOME pool! We had a blast!

My point is that even though we all deal with situations that may not be ideal (at work and in our personal lives), being able to reset and refocus is key. I think if we can keep an open mind, we can problem solve any situation. Had I not been able to reset and refocus, we would have had a terrible day. Instead, we had a BLAST!
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