Here is it November 2nd and we have hit the minus zero temperatures. This morning when I got it up was -4. the trees are covered in frost and believe it or not it does snow at this temperature. September & October were busy months with training staff and adding new homes on the ISP module. But the biggest event in my life was my daughter (my youngest child) got married. We flew off to Oklahoma and spent a whirlwind week visiting with family, rehearsal & dinner, wedding and brunch. It was 80 degrees every day while we were there so we went from our 40 degrees in AK to 80 degrees and back to freezing and below. Of course I got sick when we got home from all the temperature changes. My son and his wife that also live in Oklahoma are expecting a baby in less than a week and I am busy trying to plan a trip to go back to meet my first grand baby Peyton Maria. While all this is going on I am thankful that I can still problem solve for the agency on my iPhone for their Therap issues. I didn’t get too many calls but there is always that one person that is desperate can’t get anyone else so calls and begs for help even though they know you are on leave. I am just thankful that it is so easy to help out via my iPhone no matter where I am.

Now back to work so that I can be ahead of the game and take my next trip, of course first a dog show this weekend with my young girl Emma. A 6 hour drive each way to the Anchorage area for what turns out to be a one day show for her. But it is always fun to spend time with my dog show friends from all over the state.