So…., word came out that Justin is coming to AZ. What a long time it has been since you were here last. Many of us in the CLP program at CCS recall those sessions of video shooting and sit-down interviews with Justin and the entire gang that was here in Tucson, those early days of Therap.

It would seem like Arizona would be at the top of the states using Therap. Unfortunately that is not the case. And why is that? That is a question I will have to ask Justin when he gets here. NO, I am just kidding! But honestly, I wonder what happened to AZ? Why is it that, an area that was a pioneer, is now amongst the last states to embrace the Therap technology?

Let’s just say, sometimes, you have to lead in order to follow. Or, you can look at it the other way round. Leading is not always from the front. Perhaps, AZ is still leading by pushing the rest to move forward. All is not lost for AZ. Thanks to the CCS/CLP, Therap is alive and well in southern Arizona. Justin’s coming will go along way in re-energizing the service here in the Old Pueblo and hopefully motivate expansion into the entire southwest region and beyond.

So, as Justin prepares to fly over to Tucson, I hope he will make sure his business satchel will be bulging with “goodies” to entice the business communities in this region, that need Therap but have not taken the ride, simply because no one has introduced them to the wonderful communication platform.