Picture of Tammy Ross, Certified Trainer of TherapPicture of Janie Brothers, Certified Trainer of Therap

Tammy (top) is the second smarty pants from Montana, Janie (bottom) is the third. And not only are these two from Montana, they are from the same agency that Julia Streib works at which means that place is bursting with Therap nerd-dom!

Tammy is new to Montana Development Center (MDC) and is not only the lead Therap trainer but she also heads the Therap Steering Committee (we could use some steering sometimes!). She is all about process and leading the way to full implementation of Health Tracking (by January 1st, she promises…).

Janie brings twenty four years’ experience with her as a shift manager at MDC and is excited to see how Therap will transform what they do over there…right now, she is patiently weathering the transition. :D

Montana is one of those states that is total Therap country, too. Did you also know that the average square mile of land in Montana contains 1.4 elk, 1.4 pronghorn antelope, and 3.3 deer? And deer, antelope and elk outnumber the human Montanans? Fun facts, my friends. Fun facts. You’ll thank me someday when playing Trivial Pursuit!