Hey there everyone in Therapville!

I was sitting here on Facebook and thought maybe I’d take a moment to blog.  Before blogging I thought I’d look at my previous posts and saw that last time I blogged it had been EXACTLY 2 month since blogging.  I thought maybe I should wait until November 26th to blog so I could make that claim again…but figured Allison would come out here and beat me or something?  (But hey…if that’s what it takes to get Allison to ND!) :-)

It has been a rather busy couple of months!  (That’s the start of my excuse for not getting my blogging done…is it working?)  I feel like I have been spending every week in Bismarck, ND.  (Our state capital, and about a 4 hour drive for me.)  I’m begininng to think I’m a weekend family man or something?  Since my last post though, I did have the WONDERFUL opportunity to go out to dinner with Deborah at Olive Garden on a week she was spending in Bismarck!  The poor waitress must have ventured to our table at least a dozen times to see if we had our order ready…but me and my big mouth wouldn’t quit talking long enough for us to review our menus!!  Great food and some great chit chat…of course the subject of Therap didn’t come up the entire evening!  Yeah right:-)

Last month was a very sad month for us at Opportunity Foundation in Williston.  One of the people we support that lived in the home I manage had been in failing health for the last few months.  Towards the end of October she was hospitalized, and I spent every waking minute with her at the hopsital during her last week on earth.  She was a very special friend and she will be missed SO much.

Looking forward, I head back to Bismarck again next Tuesday…and the following week is Thanksgiving, and then I think I’ll be home free for awhile and things can slow down, and then watch out Therap blog!  Maybe I can get back to keeping the blog alive:-)

Take care everyone and try to stay warm!