This past weekend we went to Palmer to go to the Dog show that I had talked about previously, which we won’t talk about except to say we donated to the club putting on the show. While there the second night in the hotel I was startled awake by my phone at 1:45 AM, it was my son in OK City telling me that he and his wife were at the hospital to deliver their first child. All day I paid more attention to my phone than to the dog show which is probably why we didn’t do much there. when we started home after the show I was still waiting for news about the babies birth. The bad part was I knew we would be out of cell range off and on during the next 6 hours. Well finally at about 4:33 AK time she was born. 7 pounds, 8 Oz. 19 1/2 inches long, Peyton Maria Bye. I will be visiting OK City in December to meet her. If anyone wants to get together and talk Therap I would love to meet you.

I had the opportunity to meet with a provider from ND by phone yesterday to help them through the process of implementing the MARs. It was a great phone call and I look forward to talking with them again. Good Luck Red River Human Services Foundation with starting the MARs. You can do it and show the rest of the state that it can work.

People at our agency call me the Therap Nerd but that is OK…I get very excited when I talk about Therap.