Sorry I have been a bit behind on blogging here – it has been a whirlwind fall for us at Mosaic. I spent approximately 6 weeks on the road with our pilot agency kick-offs, and immediately jumped into Go-Live before Thanksgiving. We now have 3 pilots live in our Phase 1 of Therap, which includes T-Logs, GERs, IDF and SComm. In addition, our 5 remaining Nebraska agencies are in the process of implementing all GER’s for all clients (in addition to the state mandated requirements). We also have our Delaware agency that has been using Therap for several years now. That makes a total of 9 agencies, which includes 912 active individuals and 618 active users. My new favorite report is the Multi-Provider Report called New Count Report, however, the count for SComms does not appear to be only New SComms (Therap is looking into this now). From this report it is interesting to see that we have about 11 T-Logs per Individual per week! As we roll out more agencies, we will be able to break this information down further, including by size of agency and type of service. Data is a wonderful thing! On a side note, did you know that according to Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google, every two days now we create as much information as we did from the dawn of civilization up until 2003? Wow!