Picture of Gregg Staroscik, Certified Trainer of Therap, Works for Mosaic

Gregg Staroscik works for Mosaic (and if that sounds familiar, you may remember Lorelei Lascko who ALSO works for Mosaic). Apparently, Therap geekiness is communicable over there. Gregg also states that Lorelei is indeed his hero…makes sense that he would emulate his hero in such a  PROFOUND and THERAPIFIC way (it is a word ‘cos I say so).Gregg used to be a drug and alcohol counselor and also has a long history as an IT guy; he likes the mixture of human services and technology. Perfect, given he is the Regional Therap Coordinator for Nebraska. Lorelei has him busy over  there, launching multiple agencies all over the plains…He definitely has an interesting take on GERs, that is for sure…and he looks like a novelist in his picture so that makes him even more awesome…

Picture of Nathan Kennedy,Therap Provider Administrator at State Operated Community Programs in Oregon

Nathan Kennedy works for State Operated Community Programs in Oregon and is their super duper Therap provider administrator. They are already live with a handful of their residential programs and are ramping up to implement it across all of their locations (with a little help from me ;)). Nathan quickly won me over with his love of all things Apple…so it is clear that he knows what’s up. And Nathan has some very interesting ideas regarding GERs as well.

And we are not done yet…there is one more:

Picture of Michelle Steele, Human Resources Coordinator and Therap Administrator for Renew Consulting in Albany, Oregon

Michelle Steele is the Human Resources Coordinator and Therap Administrator for Renew Consulting in Albany, Oregon. She has bounced around quite a bit in the past few months from support to quality assurance to human resources and to Therap. That is because she is a smahhhhhty pants.

Watch for blogs and webinars in the new year from these guys and all the other exceptionally brilliant, good looking, and warm and fuzzy group of Certified Trainers.