Picture of Sky and Road in Kansas City

It amazes me the twists and turns that is our journey through life.  With each moment there is an opportunity to explore and grow as a person.  It happened when I began working with people with intellectual disabilities four years ago, and it is happening again with this new opportunity to bring Therap to the Mosaic agencies in Kansas as a Therap Certified Trainer.  What I have enjoyed so far, is being able to travel to different towns and meet new and fascinating people. But when traveling to these towns I never really thought about how beautiful Kansas is while driving through it, especially on the interstate.  Most of the time it is flat and not much to see except for corn, wheat fields and cows…lots and lots of cows.  However, that all changed when driving through the Flint Hills of South Eastern Kansas at dawn. I was witness to one of the most majestic sunrises I have ever seen.  The beauty in that moment changed the way I felt about driving through Kansas and reminded me of life’s opportunities to take the road less traveled and have that moment to explore and grow.  So that is how I see myself with bringing Therap to the agencies.  So they and their staff have opportunities to discover how amazing Therap is like that sunrise at dawn, and to explore how it can help and improve services so staff can spend more time doing what they love, working with people with intellectual disabilities.