Picture of Jeff Mau, Certified Trainer of Therap

Jeff Mau works for Mosaic (and WHERE have you heard that name before? Maybe herehere and here !)…And guess what?

(Long pause)

You got it! He is the newest certified trainer.

Jeff hails from Des Moines, Iowa, and is the Regional Therap Coordinator for that region..There are lots and lots of regions, I’m finding.

He is working on the basics, The Big Three, with the one agency he has launched thus far. His wife works in Human Services and his background is as a database nerd…perfect fit, non? (That is French for “no.” We are a global company after all.) :D

I found we have a lot in common as well: we both have organic nerdy aptitudes, we both have (high) standards when it comes to documentation and we both wear cool glasses.

And having talked with Jeff for a while, there is no doubt that his blogs will be straight to the point!