Hi Everyone!  I have never written a blog before, so here’s to new experiences!  Feel free to point out any faux pas I may stumble into in blogland; I welcome pointers.

What to write for my first entry?  I think I will tell you a bit about services in Colorado.  I understood recently that there were no certified trainers in Colorado – I haven’t checked to see if that has changed in recent months, or if I am the first.  A little scary considering, but if there is no previous blog from us, then likely you are all dying to know!  ;)

I work for Envision, Creative Support for People with Developmental Disabilities, a non-profit Community Centered Board (CCB) in Weld County, Colorado.  Weld County is north and a little bit east of Denver.  It is  a huge geographic area, ranging from urban to very rural (they call it frontier out here).  There are 22 CCBs in Colorado.  Our primary function is to provide case management services, which is what I do  – including intake, eligiblity, referring and connecting people with services, trouble-shooting crises for people on waiting lists for services (LONG in CO), and enrolling in and monitoring services.  Most CCBs also have a service provider arm, and we work with numerous independent agencies and contractors to meet the needs of clients.

We are currently embarking on our first major fundraiser.  Envision is raffling off a house here in Colorful Colorado!!  Tickets are only $100, and it is for a great cause!  The house is in beautiful Water Valley in Windsor, CO, just south of Fort Collins.  It comes with a two year golf membership.  As you probably know, you can often golf in the morning and drive into the mountains to ski in the afternoon!  What more could you ask for?  For details, including photos,  and ticket information, go to www.envisionhomeraffle.org.  If you do not live in Colorado or do not want to move here, you can use the home as a vacation spot or take the cash option.

Now to spend some time reading some of everyone else’s blogs – a step I probably should have taken first, so I wouldn’t look too much like a nimnal!  Linda