I write (or technically I type) today with a sad state of mind…I’m reading all these posts about people going to the National Conference…and alas, I won’t be there:-(  Think of me during your week of learning!

We in ND are experiencing the WIERDEST winter ever!  Here I sit and it is currently 37 degrees out today with a high of 45!?  No snow on the ground!?  Not quite sure what to make of it, hoping it remains this way until summer.  On the bright side, this kind of weather gives us such an awesome opportunity to get people out of the house and out into the community.

On another note…our growing ‘little’ community that has erupted over the last couple years is on the way to becoming even more famous.  Check out http://www.luckydogfilmworks.com/television.html for a new series that is apparently coming out.  The young ladies’ mother actually used to work for our agency.

Until next month (when I promise to share more useful information:-), take care, and enjoy the conference for those of you attending!