It’s mid-day at the Therap Conference on Day Two, and I was just in a session regarding the 1115 Wavier for New York.  I could go into great detail about what was discussed regarding funding, Care Coordinators, etc…, but I would probably bore you.  If you’re really curious, just Google OPWDD 1115 Waiver, get yourself a pillow, and you’ll be out in just a few minutes.

But there are two things that I really appreciated taking out of that session:

1) We are all in the dark… nobody reallly knows what exactly this will mean for our agencies, how we will need to implement it, what documentation will increase/decrease, how it’s going to change the way we serve the individuals we currently support, etc…  It’s good to know that we are not alone in having anxiety about what this will bring.

2) Therap is already on top of it.  In all of the sessions that I’ve attended so far, there has been at least one programmer in attendance.  But at this session, there were at least 3 programmers (Sazzad, Pushpita, and Asif), as well as Kevin Lightle and James Kelly, who were able to share information about the Waiver.  I’m not sure, but I think Kevin has a direct line to the OPWDD Commissioner, Courtney Burke, so hopefully he’s getting any inside scoop on the issue.

So tonight, I’ll be just fine falling asleep knowing that, once again, I can count on Therap to be there whenever there is a regulatory concern.  Now, if I could just make sure that Sazzad fixes that one thing for me…