Reminiscing about the National Therap Conference… It was 3 days of learning… eating…sharing… eating… Therap leadership asking for ideas from the user community… eating… hearing about concepts and brainstorming about Therap…. and eating.   Learned a ton…and gained a few pounds.

One of the big ‘ah ha’ moments for me was learning about “Therap User Groups” in other states.  I can imagine a couple agency administrators at some state meeting for providers, talking about data collection and the comment is made, “You use Therap too?” Input the “snowball effect” here and pretty soon you have 4 or 5 agencies sharing ideas and supporting each other on all sorts of topics and state specific issues. Moreover, all with the blessing and full support of Therap.

Even though I have been bestowed the title of “Therap Certified Trainer” and have a pretty good grasp of the “mechanical” aspect of using the database, I know that it would help me to learn from other users in Iowa as to how you approached…say…using the GER form to communicate with Iowa DHS…or…what has been your experience with auditors and/or inspectors with “view only access” to your Therap T-Logs. According to other members and founders of Therap User Groups I spoke with, these experiences have been positive, informative and helpful when identify solutions at the local level.

Richard Robbins, CEO and Therap founder, is very interested is seeing this happen. So much so that he would support Iowa by holding a 2 day, Regional Therap Conference in our state, provided the interest is there. (FYI – The “magic number” to have this event is somewhere between 50 and 75 attendees.) I am sure that Jeff Case, our Therap Representative, is interested in this effort as well.

So, fellow Iowa Therap User, if this is something you’d like to talk about, let’s meet for coffee and bandy about some ideas. Post your thoughts to my blog and who knows, we may be the catalyst that gets something started.



P.S.  Don’t forget, we do have an “Iowa” page in Therap’s website.