It has started out as a crazy week with being gone all last week to the National Conference in New Jersey. It was a great week, I learned a lot and met a lot of great people. I always enjoy it when I meet another dog enthusiast (especially someone with a Bernese Mountain Dog!) I only wish I had enough fore thought to have stayed longer and gone to the Westminster Dog show. I knew people that were there and it would have been a great experience. Maybe next year!.
I not only learned a lot at the Conference but now have someone else in the agency that realizes the benefits of Therap and the things that we are not utilizing to their fullest, this of course means a lot of work ahead for me because now our implementation is going to move forward at a very rapid pace. I may be looking to some of you for information as we do this as to what works and what doesn’t.

The evening in New York city was great, it was a first for me. I discovered there is a lot to see and do and not enough time to do it all. Next trip i want to go to Ground Zero, take in a show and many other things, guess I will have to plan leave in conjunction with the conference.

Today we had a Risk Management Committee meeting and we are looking for some input from other agencies. What do you do as far as procedure/protocol for allowing someone who has a documented seizure disorder to go swimming with staff supports? Do you allow them to swim, do they have to wear a flotation device, does the guardian and/or parent sign off on it, just what parameters are in place if any?. Do you have a written protocol or procedure that you would be willing to share? If you do you can e-mail it directly to me at Thank you for any input you can share on this topic. I am finding that this is something that a lot of agencies have not really looked at and have just allowed clients to swim. We are looking at the Risk of all our operations very closely and how it can impact our services.