Greetings from FOCUS,

FOCUS launched ISP Data Collection in August 2011 as a means to eliminate paper notes.  I was hired after the implementation so I can not speak to how smoothly it went.  But since I have been here I have discovered that, between our Therap data, and the ability to export the data to Excel, we have been able to examine our data in new and novel ways.  For example, at FOCUS we use the ISP Data as our means to determine our Care Providers payroll.  Next we are using data exported to Excel to review our input to Finance for billing and claims.  Not exciting to most of you, but a good starting point for us.  Our next step was expanding into utilization.  Without the Billing module, and less than a full year of Therap data, it was quite a detailed exercise to create Excel graphs depicting service utilization using input from the legacy system and Therap data.  Now we are in the process of setting up Service Authorizations.  Once again discovering that with less than a full year of  Therap data, the ability to export Therap data to Excel, combine it with the our legacy system, is the key to capturing a good starting point for Therap Service Authorizations.

My plan is to share these magical spreadsheets with everyone in my required Webinars…  Stay tuned for more details…  Or give me a blast if you can’t wait and I will see if I can give you a hand.

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This is my first blog since becoming a Certified Trainer… Honestly, it is my first blog ever.  Who says you can’t train old dogs.  Or Old Salts.