Today is one of those that make you grateful for a nice warm house as you listen to the wind howling outside.  It is tempting to complain about the weather but considering what a mild winter we’ve had this year – I had better not!

Today I’m thinking about SS#’s and find it is helpful we are able to select whether or not the SS# appears on PDFs we create.   That is a nice security measure.

To further enhance security as it pertains to the SS# it would be nice to have the option of having the SS# appear on the IDF as *** in all but the last 4 digits. The IDF contains information that is helpful for most employees that work with the person routinely.   However many of those employees do not need access to the SS#.

Since the EDF is more limited in scope of use it could have the entire SS# appear on it. In most emergency situations the SS# is needed.  You can also limit the audience of who can view and print the EDF.

Perhaps this could be a Provider Preference option in case there are situations where agencies would want the IDF to have the SS# available.   Other examples where this could be helpful would be medicaid #, insurance #, etc.

I am interested in other people’s thoughts regarding the use of SS# within Therap.

Thanks for submitting your comments!