After having time to reflect on all the great information I got from the Therap National Conference this year, I now have a clear path as to what I would like to have my agency do to implement these newly taught tips.  This year was my first year attending the National Conference, and all the great people I met and tricks I learned are really unbelievable.  One in particuar is the “on-call” super role.  By simply creating a caseload that includes the on-call sites and then allowing only T-log entry and update to the new super role is a game changer!  I was previously having to be notified to turn on and off an on-call caseload every week….crazy, I know.

Upon my return to my agency in Chicago, I was hit with questions like, “What did you learn?” and “Can I come with you next time?” and “Did the pizza suck like we thought it would, because we know Chicago has the best pizza in the world?”  When the barage of questions and hugs were over, I was able to show my newly acquired swag…my Therap Certified Trainer laptop bag!  It is now prominently displayed on my wall of trophies in my office.  (And yes, that is me dressed as Batman in the picture on the shelf…..but that is for a whole other blog.)

Swag Bag

On this Leap Day, I want to remember to use the forward momentum that the Therap National Conference has sparked in me.  I also need to keep in touch with all the great people I met!  What better way thatn to be a part of this blog.

Thanks for welcoming me to the family!