Call them what you will; group home managers, direct support  supervisors, middle management, site supervisors or team leaders.  The list goes on. You know who you are. You  spend hours tweaking, mulling and updating employee schedules.

All supervisors must schedule their employees to maintain  coverage, but I would challenge anyone OUTSIDE the field to master a typical  group home schedule!

As I sit each month proofing, creating or mulling over a schedule,  Carl gently shakes his head and says “there must be an easier way.”  After what seems like a bazillion software  products previewed, I still can’t find a better way.

It has been about a year since I gave the Therap Module a whirl  and I will try again.  Just in case, in
the spirit of networking, I wonder what you are all doing out there?   I would love to see some templates of what
others are doing, as well as some of your standard operating procedures.  So send me your thoughts!

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