We at St. John’s Community Services stand behind Advocacy. We have made it our mission to ensure that all individuals we serve have an opportunity to have their voices heard despite their limitations. We live and breathe “advancing community support and opportunities for people living with disabilities”. Special events are held in the homes to encourage and foster self-worth and ownership in all activities that encompass their lives. For example, the Women’s group continues to empower the women with knowledge and confidence within themselves. They have taken the driver’s seat with the coordinating, planning, and facilitating their meetings. They actively support one another and this has increased the cohesiveness among the women. To take it one step further, St. John’s would like to have a men’s support group that will focus on the needs of our men. This continues to be a challenge with getting participants involved and commit to the group. But the pursuit of this goal continues…… Therap has made our ability show Advocacy at its finest!