How do you manage your care? Do you focus on proof points and key performance indicators or do you celebrate person centered planning and the supported individual’s right to dream? I feel a balance of the two is essential in the creation of a successful provider agency!

Therap is definitely a key contributor to the management of care for all supported individuals. Many years of practice has lent itself to mastery of the ISP process and service delivery documentation. My quality improvement focus has broadened from strictly a region/state specific awareness to an agency-wide reflection. I feel myself asking… how does Therap solve the dilemma of capturing agency-wide outcomes when all individuals have such person centered plans in place? Each plan contains the key elements essential to support each individual’s goal setting needs. Is the solution to create one universal ISP program in addition to each individual’s person centered plan and apply it to all supported individuals within the Therap system(s)? Is this the best way to determine like variables in search of measurable data? As we quickly move toward agency-wide accreditation, I wonder how best to capture data that supports the performance quality improvement initiative and truly measure the success of the agency as a whole.

Can anyone offer any guidance?