Here goes my first post to the Certified Trainer’s Blog!

I’m the administrator of the statewide oversight account in New Mexico.  Here in NM all of our state DDSD employees use email to communicate with our providers.  We were recently told we can no longer send any PHI via email as our state email system is not HIPAA compliant.  This was a huge, I mean HUGE, change for our DDSD employees.

Well Therap is awesome.  I’ve been trying to convince and educate the DDSD employees why they should love and use Therap on a daily basis.  I’ve been creating custom user groups and working with many of our DDSD staff to learn to use SComm for any communication with PHI.  This has worked wonderfully!  Now many of our DDSD staff are using SComm to send audit/survey information, send ISPs, and communicate with our providers about the many applications New Mexico is currently using statewide.

Yay for hurdling HIPAA roadblocks and Yay for Therap.  How have you creatively used SComm within your agency, region or state?