Starting Monday, I will begin the task of bringing 6 more Mosaic agencies into the Therap realm.  My overall plan is to launch 1 agency per month…which means I will be living in hotels for 4 of the next 6 months.

Next week, I initiate the process in Macomb, Illinois with the agency staff.  The local Therap Team has been doing all of the required prep work, I have started the production database build, HQ is doing what they do… as of this blog, we are on schedule.   Let’s see… car rented, hotel verified, computer ready, “ebay special” Epson projector tested, Kick Off presentation complete… I am ready to spread the Therap Gospel!

Week 1…all agency Kick Off meetings.  This is where I engage the entire agency an deliver the who, what, when, where and why of Therap.  We will deliver the message to 168 staff that on April 12, they will start using T-Logs, GERs, SComms, and the off line forms in the event of internet outage. 5 sessions are scheduled.

Week 2…I return to Macomb to train the leadership staff on the art of being a local Therap Administrator and / or Subject Matter Expert.  Think “train the trainer”…plus some extra stuff.  Originally, it was thought that a single person would be the SME and another would be the Admin.  I am seeing that a shared responsibility approach is preferred.  So, we show all supervisor staff and above this information.  This equates to more support for all.  The “almighty cloud” allows for this strategy as well and emulates current practices.

Week 3…back to Macomb for Direct Care Staff training.

Week 4…back to Macomb for Direct Care Staff training and a Thursday launch.

If all goes as planned (and has happened in other launches)…  All staff will be able to access Therap and use the Phase 1 modules with no problems on launch day.  Clients and staff should be assigned to their appropriate programs.  Staff can easily access people and modules.  And the only issues we have are forgotten passwords.  On April 13th, it will be smooth running, Therap newbie agency…even if it is a Friday!

After Macomb…

Osceola, Iowa… April / May

Des Moines, Iowa… May / June

Rockford, Illinois… July

Waukon, Iowa… August

Pontiac, Illinios… September

…then, we start Phase 2… ISP.