Picture of the Great Western HotelLast week I had the opportunity to visit several of the Mosaic agencies in Western Kansas to talk about my favorite subject, Therap.  My adventure took me to Ellsworth where I got to talk to their agency’s Therap Team about their exciting plans for implementing Therap.  From Ellsworth I then traveled down to Liberal via Dodge City.  I used the opportunity for a break in Dodge City to see the Boot Hill Museum, which I must say was a fun way to spend an hour.  The museum has an old wild west style city block that looks like it was taken straight out of a Hollywood Western.  It was interesting to see all the artifacts from that era, from the saloon, to the pharmacy, and yes they had all the various guns that were used during that time period.  If your traveling trough Dodge City and your a fan of Westerns then you have to stop and spend some time at the museum.

My adventure continued on to Liberal then to Garden City, where I had the opportunity to me the great people that make those agencies amazing providers.  Every agency I visited had wonderful staff who are extremely committed to providing quality supports and services to individuals with MR/DD.  What is even more amazing to me is the fact that everyone I met is excited about using Therap to enhance the work that they do.  That excitement speaks to that strong pioneering spirit that is the heritage of the people who live in western Kansas.

And now for Singing Windmills!

Video on Singing Windmills