Picture of Kim Champney on the left, Certified Trainer of Therap from Alaska, Pat in the center and Anitra on right
Kim is on the left…Pat is in the center…Anitra, also A SMARTY PANTS, but just not oh-ficially nerdy (yet)

Kim Champney is from Juneau, Alaska, and she is the latest in a stream of certified trainers. From Alaska. And the world.

Her partner in crime, also from Juneau, Alaska, is Pat Watt, also a certified trainer.

Smarties. (They always hang out in nerdy herds.)

Rob Sterling presently reigns as THE Excel nerd in my life (boy, will I have things to show you once I steal all of his ideas!).

Kim is the Quality Assurance Director for Reach, Inc., and she knows lots of stuff  may know everything. Really. Billing, provider administration, individual supports, Excel, attendance…

(But does she have super powers??…Well, yeah, kinda…that is another story!)

And I am sure she is a very adept blogger as well…I’m waiting. ;)