Hello everyone! Hope your Monday has started off good.

At the National Conference last month I was in a session where a developer mentioned that if a user hits the Approve button without submitting, the submit date is entered as the approval date. This made perfect sense to me.

So, when I got a call saying that users did not receive an email notification about an important GER, I wondered what happened. At first I thought that the email may have had a problem, but that was not the case. What I discovered was the following:

  • Most Notifications in our system have been setup to notify upon Submit
  • If Submit is bypassed, and the user Approves directly, notification is not sent

Has anyone had this happen? I would rather not send notifications on both Submit and Approve unless it is absolutely necessary. I guess I foolishly assumed that if the Submit date is entered, that a Submit Notification would be generated as well. Just one of those things that make you go hmmmm…