I just realized today that I missed posting ANYTHING last month!  Whoops! Of course, it is far easier to remember your password if you post regularly…

We have just finished crafting the final version of our new Electronic Data Management policy, related to all things Therap. As a result, we will be implementing new, more secure and more regularly changed passwords. Yes, I am prepared to be thoroughly detested by all staff here shortly, as people REALLY complain about having to change their passwords and having to try to remember something new. Not only do we have to log in to our computers and Therap, many staff work with a variety of software systems required by state agencies, and have as many as 7 other log-ins and passwords, all of which have different re-set dates. I tried to be clever and just reset four when the first had to be reset, to use the same password multiple times. Unfortunately, my trick to help me remember without writing it down actually backfired and resulted in me forgetting the password needed to access all four systems!!

We started building a Therap oversight account a few months back – we are a case management agency contracting with a number of service provider agencies and independent contractors to provide services to our clients. We have five service agencies in some stage of beginning to move to Therap, but so far only two are far enough along that we are able to access any information via the oversight account. There have been a few changes to the account since it was first initiated, and when I finally had time to spend in there, had to play around awhile to find what I needed. Now, once the client is connected, it is nice to see what information can be pulled via reports or even to look at what is going on outside of our agency, without having to wait to receive a paper copy or physically going to a program location to conduct monitoring. I am hoping the oversight account continues to grow and develop capacity, and intend to continue making suggestions as I work my way through it.

My eyes are getting tired and my neck is getting stiff – I need a lower screen so I can stop leaning my head back to peer through my bifocals at the screen! Or just use my laptop, perhaps. Either way, I need to stop typing and go request some accommodations. And try to think of something more exciting to write about before next time! Linda