Allison recently shared an article on Facebook regarding the rising use of e-books among readers and the slow decline in people reading printed material (books, magazines, newspapers, etc).  To read the article click here.  People are using computers, iPads, phones, and other devices to read books across the nation.  People who e-read actually tend to read twice as much as those who read using printed material.

I remember when the Kindle first came out…I HAD to have one…and quickly when on Amazon and ordered myself one.  Then when I purchased my first iPad, I downloaded the Kindle App.  Amazingly, what I found, was that when I purchased a book and read it electronically, if I really enjoyed it, I had to have a print copy to place on my bookshelf!?!?  So here I was, purchasing my books twice!?!?

I guess maybe I’m slightly a nerd, but I like to have that printed copy sitting on my shelf, and then I can go back through and put post-it notes at the paragraphs that stick out the most, and reference them later on.  And of course, there is something about having bookcases LOADED with all those wonderful books.

Now there are even books that are only published electronically, and for those of us old fashioned print-book readers, we have to cave in and read electronic copies if we wish to read.  Of course, for the wanna-be-author, electronic publication is the way to go.  Much cheaper and a whole lot easier to get your material out there.

As for me…I actually deleted the Kindle App off my iPad, gave away the Kindle, and I’m just an avid reader with the real old fashioned printed books!  (There’s also nothing like walking into a book store and getting lost in the shelves of books…kinda like heaven on earth!)