I sat in on Kim (Champney’s) monthly Therap Brown Bag lunch today. The subject was GER’s. Talk about confusion. Let’s take a situation where a client falls down but is not injured. Keeping track of  falls is important in our agency. To record this event, you have to select one of 6 choices in the GER screen:

Screenshot of the GER event button

OK:  the client wasn’t injured, so it wasn’t an Injury.  It wasn’t a Medication Error. It wasn’t a Restraint Related to Behavior, or Restraint Other  (why do we need to distinguish these?), it wasn’t Death (why does that warrant it’s own button?), so it must be Other.  So we pick Other  and in the required description box we type “fall”, or “Fall” or “client fell down”, or something to that effect.  Oh, dear that won’t work for tracking falls – due to inconsistent labeling  we won’t be able to pull out all the falls from the GER report.  Back to the drawing board.

This time select the Injury button (even though there was no injury), and again we have to select “Other” as the Event Type – so what do we put in the required description box?  Oh I see, I have to type in “No injury.”

I feel like I’m in the twilight zone.

Therap – you can do better than this…..