Whew, what a busy and exciting couple of months!! Rainbow of Challenges has been growing and expanding a little more everyday. We have opened two new office buildings and have been in the process of renovating several of our other sites. It has also been announced that ROC will be opening a new children’s residential facility in Arkadelphia, AR. We will soon be able to serve even more people who have developmental disabilities.

All of these changes means ALOT more Therap. We are now adding two more of our day programs to Therap, which has kept me and those who assist me with Therap (Amber, Chika, Shelby, Farrah, Cathy, and Dot, amazing group) extremely busy. The new roll-out along with new programs we are implementing on Therap has been a huge undertaking, but we know how much better and easier it will be once we are finished with the initial phase. I am not sure one ever thinks about the time they spend tracking down information until they don’t have to do it anymore.

The changes that we are going through may seem to overwhelm us at times, but it seems a small thing compared to the world that this organization opens up to staff and clients alike. The difference that this organizatin has made in my, just one staff’s, life is amazing and humbling. It was never that I didn’t care, it was that I didn’t know. The people that I am fortunate enough to serve have taught me lessons about selflessness, unconditional love, perserverance, and enjoying life that I could not even have comprehended until I met them. They teach me lessons in all of these things daily by role modeling them. Sometimes we get so caught up in thinking about the things that we need to teach the people we serve in order for them to be independent, we forget to learn. It is my honest hope that I never lose that focus. When I came to work at ROC, my life, along with my family’s, was changed from that day forward. So I thank the individuals that I work for, from the bottom of my heart, for opening up this whole new world to me.