Hello everyone!

Hope that you are all doing well. I wanted to share some benefits that Mosaic has unexpectedly discovered from using Therap in a few of its agencies.

  • One agency has decided to use Splash pages to notify employees of important information. For example, instead of printing out messages and placing them on the bulletin boards, they create splash pages since everyone logs into Therap daily. This has saved the cost of paper, printing, and time that it took to maintain the messages on the bulletin boards. Information shared via Splash Pages include the some of the following:
    • Benefit enrollment
    • Employee meetings
    • Special contests
    • Employee appreciation events
  • The majority of our current agencies using Therap have felt a sense of increased communication among staff.  The numbers back that up with over 13,000 SComms and almost 27,000 T-Logs in one month for 11 agencies.
As we begin with our next group of agencies moving toward Therap, I am sure we will find additional benefits in some of the most unexpected places. It is all an exciting part of Mosaic’s journey to Destination Therap!