After 4 solid weeks of “living” in Macomb, Illinois… Mosaic’s Macomb / Bushnell agency is now using T-Log’s, GER’s and SComm’s.  168 staff attended 21 training sessions to prepare for the April 12th launch.  Information is flowing in and efficiencies are immediately being realized as the agency inputs data for 95 individuals.

The training experienced was well received by staff.  Many commented, after training, that they could see the benefits of this type of system.  While some expressed concerns regarding the new process, simple explanations over came the objections.  Moving from a paper driven environment to the “almighty cloud” does create questions.  The key was to remind staff that we were not altering the content, merely recording the information in a new place and process…no more, no less.

As agencies move to Therap (Mosaic and others), I would stress the following during any training sessions…

1) Moving from paper to a cloud based system requires a learning curve.  Take your time and remember your training when the agency makes the switch.

2) This is not a “Big Brother is watching you system”.  The intent is to increase “the velocity of information” to better provide service supports.  Once the data is in Therap, there is no longer the need to physically move the 3-Ring Binders from the program to the office to review and report.  Also, everyone with the need to see the data…can… with the click of a mouse.

3) Therap allows staff to record their actions in ‘real time’.  You read the information…become informed…and you acknowledge that you did so.  Typically, this is not always possible in the paper world.  Get credit when credit is due!

Thank you Mosaic / Macomb for allowing me the time to help you launch Therap.