I am a firm believer that whatever I know, others should know as well. I enjoy sharing new things with others as I learn them. I took this concept of each one teach one a step further. As a nurse I take on many roles in my organization. The one I enjoy the most is educating others. As a delegating nurse in the District of Columbia it is the nurse’s responsibility to train and monitor TME’s (Trained Medication Employees). We train them in the proper procedures for medication administration to individuals living with intellectual disabilities. Being that we use therap’s MAR we train them on how the MAR in therap functions.

In our program the majority of the individuals we serve depend on TME’s to administer their medications. However, we do have some who self medicate using a paper MAR. It is my desire to teach these individuals how to document using Therap MAR. On my caseload, I have approximately 7 individuals who self medicate. Thus far, I have trained 3 out of the 7 to use Therap MAR instead of the paper MAR. It is good to see their faces light up as they log on and document on the MAR. By doing this, it gives them a sense of independence and they realize although they may have an intellectual disability, they can learn and depend more on their own abilities to live their lives. The concept of Each One Teach One can truly give independence to all.