The other day I realized that I have not blogged in a while…so I figure it is time to put my little thoughts down for the world to read. Anyhoo I had just realized how busy a time of year it is right now with trips to amusement parks, water parks, Special Olympics, Relay for Life, etc….We do a lot this time of year. So, it was when I was getting ready for Special Olympics that I realized how much has changed in our agency in just the last few years since we have been using Therap. I remember back in the day when we went anywhere everyone had their heavy backpack full of books with everything from progress note to medication administration record. Also I always had memos and schedules for every event that we where doing to give to every staff member to keep up on what was going on. It’s kinda scary to think back to all that since now it’s like my iPad is superglued to my hand, with my iPhone a close second. It really is cool that all those things in those huge books can now be done on a phone or tablet anywhere. So not only is Therap helping my agency with keeping on the cutting edge of technology and making documentation and communication so much easier, think of all the chiropractor visits its helping us save on!!!! TTFN Therapites….