Allison recently sent a gentle reminder that I have not yet posted a blog on the Certified Trainers’ Blog site. While I was well aware of my writer’s block, I greatly appreciate Allison’s nudge. Thanks!

Each of us, I am certain, feels that our job pulls us in many different directions and that our own situation must be unique and there can be nobody else who experiences the sudden and inexplicable transitions from one task to another on a daily basis. Well, I am here to tell you, if this is how you feel about most of your days, you are not alone. Not by any measure.

Typical day in the work life of Michelle Steele (over the past 4 months)

Who am I kidding? There is nothing “typical” about any of my days! Except for the randomness, the most consistent part of any of my days is my redundant referral to my calendar to remind myself of what I was SUPPOSED to be doing today! Let’s see if I can summarize what would be typical…

Arrival to work is hit or miss – dependent upon whether my son is self-managing, I overslept, the hot water heater is functioning, the train is impeding my path of travel and, of course, the functioning focus (or lack thereof) of my fellow commuters! Some days I can arrive right on time… some days, not so much! But I do (mostly) keep it within the navigational beacons of acceptance and my supervisor is quite understanding, particularly because of our recent move to a new home and all the unexpected obstacles that can impact the daily routine of preparation.

So, once I get to my desk and am focusing on getting focused… the priority is dealing with whatever is left from the previous day, usually waiting in my Outlook Inbox for completion before moving it to its appropriate storage folder (it’s a process!) From Therap requests and message notifications to requests for Training Registration to responses to my requests for payment of training classes from outside agencies to questions regarding standard operating procedures for trainers from distant locations to follow to Time Tracking inquiries to scanned copies of receipts for clients for whom I handle finances as the Representative Payee agent. Whew! I’m getting a little worn out reviewing what I dealt with just this morning! Maybe I should re-evaluate my self-imposed two-cups-of-coffee-per-day limit!

By the time my two cups have been long consumed and the now short stretch to the lunch break is rapidly approaching, I remember that I still need to work on that Therap Blog before Allison “gets fussy” with me. *sigh* What was on my calendar, anyway? Oh, yeah! I’m supposed to be processing training rosters from the other training locations! Dang! I wanted to get those American Red Cross certifications submitted first thing! (coworker): “Are you eating lunch with us in the lunch room today?” (me): “I wish. I need to get these certs submitted. Maybe tomorrow, thanks for asking!” Okay, switch focus for the moment… ! Yeah, their website has sustained vast improvement over the years, but it still is pretty finicky. Great. That took an entire hour! Now my eating schedule is out of kilter and I am starving! (RING) Oh, excuse me a moment, “Good afternoon, this is Michelle with Renew Consulting. How may I help you? … Yes, absolutely. Have you had an opportunity to review our website? … Terrific! Just click on the training tab and take a look at our training schedule, then send an email to me with the details of who you need registered and at what location and I will then reply to your email with a confirmation and more detailed instructions…… ” I guess you don’t need to know the ENTIRE conversation, but that call comes in at least three to four times a day. I should just make a recording….

LUNCH TIME! Oh, wait. Everyone is back from lunch now. Cool, that means the microwave is free! I guess there are some perks to going an hour (or so) late. Alright, now to take a look at Therap and follow up on the notifications I received this morning. Oh, and that report that our Assistant Residential Director requested late yesterday. Logging into Therap (I really need to get my blog posted) … let’s get that report done. (Wow! That’s alot of information! Wait, that staff no longer works for us. What the heck? Hey! Neither does that person! Wait a minute, here. Oh, great. Evidently, not sure if any one of you is aware, but when you deactivate someone, if you do not remove a program from their privileges, then they show up on staff reports for that particular program. Alright, there’s a project that needs to be developed… ) Okay, export to Excel… edit and remove terminated staff… make the information easily readable… and, off to the requesting authority as an email attachment! And we can now take that task off the list!

I’m feeling hungry. Holy cow! It’s almost 2:00 and I never did go eat! I guess I could just have a piece of fruit and some crackers or trail mix. If I eat a meal now, I won’t be hungry at dinner. Alright, while I’m snacking, I can think of what I want to title my blog post…

(Incoming Skype call from Coastal Regional Coordinator) “Hi, Melissa, what’s up? … Yes, just be sure to scan them in color so we may reproduce them as a “certified” copy … If you can, that’s great, but if it presents a problem, I can split them from here … Yes, thanks … Okay, have a great afternoon … Bye.”

Sorry for the interruption. So, let’s see what’s on my calendar now. Oh, I need to upload last week’s certificates to SharePoint. Well, that’s gonna take a little time and I have three other messages that need return calls (and I really need to spend some time working on that blog), so I will work on the certs in a little while.

Okay, calls returned and those irons cooled from the hot fire… now to get those certs uploaded. Wow! It’s already after 3:30! Gotta get it in gear! And I should take a look at the registration for next week’s training and communicate with that area’s Regional Coordinator to be certain we have plenty of participants registered. (And I need to get on that blog.) First thing’s first… get SharePoint taken care of…

Alrighty then! It’s 4:25 now and I need to call the Regional Coordinator in the Northern Region to see about participants for next week’s training while I review the Registration spreadsheet. Okay, it looks like we are on track to hold training, so I will put on my calendar for tomorrow to send out reminder confirmation messages to the outside agencies… hey – there is my reminder to work on that Therap blog… I should get on that – CRIMINY! It’s 5:00! I guess I’ll have to snooze that one until tomorrow… (again…)

Gotta run!