Greetings…I will start out by calling Allison’s attention…”Hey Allison…I’m bloggin!!!”  :-)

I’m kinda nerdy and am always trying out new little ideas on my employees.  I recently read an article on having ones employees complete a ‘Motivation Map’.  Basically it consists of several different options that the employee rank from most important to least important.

There are multiple benefits to knowing what motivates an employee.  Knowing what is important to an employee and guarding against such things that would cause an employee from becoming dissatisfied with their employment.

I found the results from our internal poll quite interesting.  The top four motivators among my staff were Work/Home Life Balance, Personal Accomplishment, Friendliness of Co-Workers, and Interesting Work.  Fortunately, in our field we definitely have personal accomplishment and interesting work on our side!  That leaves two goals to ensure I am meeting the ‘needs’ of the employees.

Also included on the Motivation Map were job satisfaction.  On a scale of one to five, the satisfaction score was rated at 4.2!  The lowest score given was a 3, and that was only by one employee.  This appears to me that the motivators are obviously being successfully met based on the satisfaction of the employees.

The least important motivator among my staff was Promotion.  It would appear to me that I probably do not need to worry about replacing some staff, beings they are happy in their position, their needs are being met, and they don’t necessarily have a need to ‘move up the ladder’.

I also enjoyed looking at specific staff and some of their motivators.  Without giving detailed explanations of staff, looking at the most important motivator for each staff I was able to identify why it was important to them.  This assists in keeping each staff motivated and happy in their position.

Well..until next time..take care!