Colorado expects to impose caps on the number of targeted case management (TCM) units that can be billed per client served, limiting us to 240 x 15 minute units per fiscal year, starting with a limit of 60 units for April – June 2012. Although the proposal is still in draft, and April is now history, we are anticipating that it will become reality, and have been updating our TCM service authorizations to include those limitations. I created 3 month service authorizations to limit usage to 60 units, which I will edit if the caps do not become retroactive to April 1. Case managers will still be able to enter all of the real units used, but the service authorizations will prevent us from overbilling. We do have issues to address to deal with meeting the needs of some of our clients who have frequent contact with case managers. I pulled a billing report for the first three months of the year, and found a handful of individuals who had used well over 100 units just in those three months! We are brainstorming ways to help clients find alternative means of addressing their needs, not using their case manager as their one source of assistance or safety net, or whatever. It will be a challenge to avoid providing costly free services.