Bring on those May flowers. Gardens and fields are being plowed and planted in anticipation for the wonderful summer season that is fast approaching.  Memorial Day weekend is just around the corner; time for camping, cooking, and family gatherings.  I hope you all have a great time and be safe.


A couple of days ago, I read a wonderful article from Microsoft At Work.  The article talked about how to take control of your e-mail in different ways.  There were two areas that I really liked within this article that I would like to share with you.


First, it talked about setting up a reference system.  All you do is take your e-mails and categorize them by two different ways; Reference Information or Action Information.  With Reference Information e-mails, these are e-mails that just provide information to you as the receiver and they are e-mails that do not require action.  An e-mail that is notated as an Action Information e-mail, you the receiver are required to perform some type of action.


The last thing that this article talked about was the “Four Ds for Decision-Making”.  When dealing with e-mail, there are four things you should consider when trying to figure out what to do with the e-mail. “Delete It.  Do It.  Delegate It.  Defer It.”  By using this model for decision making, you as the receiver of the e-mail will be able to go through the e-mail quickly and effectively.


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