Happy belated Memorial Day Therap World! I was able to attend The Memorial Day Service yesterday at the Dunkirk (NY) Historical Lighthouse, and hope you too were able to find some time to remember those servicemen and women who were lost serving.

Now, it’s Tuesday and back to work! Tomorrow, I will be leading a webinar on Provider Admin. A lot has changed just in the couple years I have been the Therap Admin at TRC, and I hope to give you some tricks I have found along the way (and some Renee has taught me)! Thursday, I start Attendance training for all the IRA managers, assistants, and coordinators to prepare for all TRC IRAs going live with Attendance July 1st. We have been looking at Attendance for a long time, so it is great to see it coming together with the help of Jim Kelly!

Enjoy your week, and check out the webinar tomorrow if you have some time! Emoticon showing smiley face