So in the beginning of this month, I got an email from Allison that was sent from a person within the Therap-verse that needed the input of a few computer geeks.  Myself and another techie were tapped to anwser this.  I thought, “How cool is this?!  I’m getting asked questions!  I LOVE getting questions!!”  It took me a few days to answer, as the topic was thought provoking: “What type of devices do we use for Therap?  What are the pros and cons for each device?”

Think about that for a minute….how many do you you use?  (How many of you just quicly said:  Throughout my day, I use Therap on at least 4 different devices!  When I come in I sit at my desktop and read my T-logs and deal with any system things I have.  I have to answer some training questions among our case managers throught the day and they all use laptops.  When I’m in the car, and not while driving, I fire up Therap on my iPhone when I have to answer my S-comms.  And late at night when I get a question texted to me about some caseload permission, I grab my iPad and get it done right there.

So then I thought, let me just think about my day and write down how I use the equipment.  As I went through the exercise in chart format, thinking about the pros and cons of all 4 devices, I realized that I am very mobile heavy and even more so iDevice heavy.  (Some of you know this from me helping to jailbreak a bunch of iPads and iPhones at the National Conference….BTW the 5.1.1 jailbreak is out!)  Why is that?  I think a lot of it has to do with the intuitive interface, minimal moving and breakable parts, and how truly mobile these things are!  I’d be open for a discussion on why a desktop or laptop trumps an iPhone/iPad any day!

The more and more I think about Therap and how it is used residentially and in day program settings, why wouldn’t a person just grab an iPad and go?  Doesn’t using the MAR on an iPad have a Star Trek feel about it?  Isn’t it more meaningful to actually document a T-log with a geotagged photo at the restaurant you and the person you serve have been dying to go do?  (I do that more to rub it into the staff on shift so they can see how much fun I’m having…)  Doesn’t everything you have to document on Therap happen away from a computer/laptop station?  Don’t you need a device that should be in Batman’s utility belt at YOUR disposal?

I’m one of those guys that like to be in the fray and test this stuff real time.  So, as a result of extensive field testing, I give the iDevices 5 full Batman symbols!  They are rugged, practical, and useful! 

How about you?  What do you use at your agency?  Why?  Is it really the best use of limited funding?  Keep those questions in mind as you reply to this post.  I look forward to a HUGE debate on this!