I just completed my second webinar and I am left with similiar feelings as the last one…did I talk too fast, did I sound like a little kid, did I even make sense? Ugh…I still would love to do this with more “audience” participation! I also wonder about have questions at the end…I never get any questions…is that a bad thing?

Anyway…here at Oak Hill we are moving ahead with the training part…slowly but surely!!! Behaviorally speaking, we have started to use the ISP more to record such behavioral data such as “positive behavior supports”, reinforcement and mood states. Although it has been great having so much data at my fingertips…I often wonder if having behavioral pieces “scattered” throughout Therap is helpful to staff. Most data collection takes place in the BER but staff also have to document sleep in the time tracking and now certain aspects in an ISP. I wish we could have all the behavioral components in one place. But hey…nothing is perfect!!!

Have a great June everyone!