Yep, another newbie Certified Trainer making their debut in the world of blogging!!  I was thinking about giving a little history of my Therap World and Pathway Enterprises, Inc. in lovely Ashland Oregon, but then thought well, that has been done before. So instead, I want to talk about how Therap was implemented at Pathway Enterprises, Inc, in lovely Ashland Oregon!  PEI has been using Therap for 3 years in July. What a ride it has been! We rolled out 3 modules (T-Logs, GER and S-Com) and within 3 months we rolled out the MAR and Health Tracking.  We have not looked back.  Some folks have gone gently into the Therap Light, but not us.  We decided that if we were jumping, we would go with both feet and quickly, working out the bugs and issues as we went.  Scary as it was, it was one of the best decisions we had made at PEI.  The support Anna and Allison gave us, okay Archie too, was tremendous.  They assured us they would not let us drown or break any bones along the way!

The initial set up of programs, clients and staff was somewhat time intensive. But the return on our investment of this time has been priceless. Staff, clients, guardian, parents and outside agencies rave about the ease of use and the readily accessibility of information.

PEI is now running ISP tracking, Behavior Tracking, Attendance, Personal Property, Medical Consult Forms and the Training Management System.  All the modules have been “Savers” of space, paper, time, money and peace of mind! Yes, it can save your mind!   Needless to say, we are not looking back, but looking forward to the many uses of Therap!

Next stop, Oregon and the ISP on Therap!