Greetings, today I am entering my first post as a certified trainer.   I do enjoy reading the blogs entered by other certified trainers, and hope I can add something productive.

Here at Allegany Arc we have been very busy as of late with implementing Therap’s billing tools.   So far, we are using Therap billing for the majority of our programs (Day hab, Community hab, IRAs, MSC and prevoc).  We have a few more programs to implement, but it feels like we are in the home stretch!

Each step of the process, we are learning more.

Before starting billing, check ID forms.  Mistakes/omissions in the ID will cause problems with billing tools.

Make sure medicaid CIN numbers  ONLY include the: 2 letter 5 number 1 letter combo.  No extras, no spaces, and no sequence numbers.   Nursing staff liked having the sequence numbers, but this will gum up your billing works!

Make sure the persons name, address, SSN, CIN, and gender are complete (and accurate).   Make sure addresses contain no apostrophes.

Checking, and fixing these minor details now will prevent major hassles later!