As the warm weather is hitting us everyone is out and about enjoying it. Therap has assisted with summer activities because it is easy for staff to use their mobile devices to log medications on the MARS and do GER’s if there is an injury or behavioral event.

We are working on getting the billing up and going. I welcome all the comments and suggestions from others and how they are setting it up as well as stumbling blocks that they are running into. Anything that will save us time in the future and will prevent us from having to do it over again to change the set up.

My personal life has gotten hectic, I will be traveling again to Oklahoma City next week for my 8th grand baby who was born yesterday. I can’t wait to see my kids and grand kids that live there.

Just over a week in Oklahoma and it will be back to Therap world.There are definitely things I wish we had done differently in the beginning because I think it would have made it easier now. Oh well such is life. Off to schedule more Therap Training to do right after my return.