In my last blog, I mention Therap as a “Time Saver”. This month I was the fortunate recipient of an AUDIT (cue music..dun,dun,dun). Yes, the ever dreaded word.

This Audit covered a time frame of 6 months regarding attendance v/s billing in our Vocational Program. At first I thought, yeah, we capture all this information in the Attendance module and our billing department using the attendance report to dump into their billing Excel spreadsheet. All I had to do was pull those reports. A snap!
Then reality hit, we had only been using Therap Attendance for the last 3 months of this AUDIT timeframe. So, I started to think about where this information was currently being kept. The billing department informed me; those records were now in the storage shed, way across town! We hopped in the car and took off. Dug through the storage shed (ask Allison about stuff that comes out of our storage shed!!!) searching for the correct time frames on the boxes (please label your boxes correctly with dates and what’s in them!). Hauled the boxes back to the main office and started the process of pulling the correct information. Once this information was found, we hand calculated the attendance and cross reference with the billing. The time it took to gather information for the first 3 months of the time frame was 2 days. (Driving, thinking, sorting, cursing, disinfecting, coffee)

The process to gather information for the last 3 months for the AUDIT was far less painful. I sat in billing and pulled the saved reports in Therap and attached to the billing and WALA, we were done. This process took approx. 30 minutes and another 30 minutes to package the material into a pretty presentation!!

This whole ordeal “solidified” my belief that Therap is a “Time Saver” and a saver of stress everywhere! So, if you are thinking about adding more modules, don’t be me and stating “I wish we would have added that module a long time ago”!