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After traveling across most of Texas for the last few months and getting acquainted with leaders in individual agencies of the non-profit provider Mosaic, I was happy to start a roll out in my home agency of Mosaic in Dallas, Texas. A small group of leaders had been talking about and planning for the first phase roll out for the Dallas agency for months. Picking up where the pilot group – a sister agency in Corsicana – left off, we thought we were smartly prepared. We had a great mobile lab set up and lots of hands on access for the over 60 staff who would be implementing the first phase of a four year roll out. We had hand outs, webinars, T-girl demos, backups, and all.

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No matter how much you talk about and train on Therap, build the excitement, and cross those “t’s” or dot those “i’s” in the system; the first day is always a lesson and a nail biter. It’s like waiting for a flower to bloom. There’s a lot of prep work, planting the seeds, tending the garden, getting rid of weeds, and then waiting for that one day to see if your efforts amounted to something. June 12th was the day… the initial sign on, the inevitable lock out, reset, etc. It was a funny start with some folks still practicing in the demo account. Then finally an actual real live T-log surfaced. The first number appeared on a screen. That’s when you know at least one person was listening and got it. The numbers kept coming.

The staff of course were great and supportive and with a little love and care and Therap technical support, the first week of implementing T-logs, GERs, and S-Comms started with a “slow simmer” but ended with a bang. Working in your own home agency is a little more nerve-wracking but with plenty of reward when you see the people who have supported you getting tools to support them with their demanding jobs. So Congrats to Mosaic in Dallas for joining up with Therap, and for the rest of Texas… I’ll be seeing you soon!

Shannon Crawford, Newbie Certified Trainer in Action.