Last week I attended the Therap Regional Conference here in Montana and what a great experience it was! I learned that I have so very much more to learn about Therap, and that I could be overwhelmed very easily, so I’m taking a deep breath and diving into my latest project.
MDC is utilizing only a fraction of Therap and when I ask people why they don’t use certain modules I usually get a blank look and a “I don’t know how” statement. To help train and educate the staff here about all the wonders that Therap has to offer I have volunteered to create a fictional MDC Client in the trainers site and use every piece of Therap that I possibly can. After creating my fictional person I hope to be able to train staff in way that will help them understand Therap better.
My question to all of you savvy Therap users is: How do you train your staff and introduce new modules that you believe would be beneficial to everyone? What type of resistance do you encounter and how do you overcome it?
I’m excited to begin creating my new person and exploring new modules in Therap that I have yet to encounter. I look forward to hearing from all of you.